Monday, June 09, 2008

It's SonicGear's 100th Post!

Blog time mile-stone!

This is SonicGear's 100th post. With a post on just about every week that the website is updated, that means SonicGear's been around for quite a while! In it's long and curious history, the site has never been as busy as it is now. With more mail, more photos, more news and more activities it just keeps getting better.

This week's update is yet another mail bag with just a variety of stuff that came in on the email. There are likely to be at least 4 or 5 more weeks of it, to clear up all the old mails and reply to everyone who has sent something. But once the mail is all gone thru--watch out! Because it's definetely time to add new sections, and re-do old ones.

Sections that will be refurbished:
Sonic Shows
Sonic Commercials
Action Figure Area
Comic Book Area

It's also fitting to announce on the 100th post, a new section that everyone's been clamoring for:

*Finally a way to BUY some Sonic Gear* !

Yes, it'll be opening up a store of sorts very soon on the site. It's not just enough to tell people where they MAY be able to go find the things they see, it's now time to provide actual buying links so you can get it right away. The store will have it's own set of pages, photos, and descriptions. If the items appear elsewhere on the site, they MAY be noted with a link to the store's exact item if you can buy it at that time.

Will the store last forever?
Hopefully, yes. However, individual things in the store may not last forever. Like, the supply could run out, or an item could stop being made by the company. Things like t-shirt designs, as you know, run for a limited time and are then re-used as a varient, or just not made. So it's still a good idea to not put off getting an item if you really want it.
What happens when an item ends?
It will vanish from the Store Page, and be able to be seen only on the general merchandise page to which it belongs.
If a key chain of Shadow (or something) is no longer made, it will be removed from the store. You'll still be able to see the item/photo/description/where it USED to be sold over in the "Sonic Keychains of the USA" page. It will stay on that page forever. Of course, once it is out of the store you still may be able to find it elsewhere like Ebay or something, or even other stores that still have more.

Like SonicGear itself, the store may start out not being that big but it will grow and change as I am able to establish more connections. The good thing about the popularity and recognition of SonicGear is that actual companies pay attention to it now. That only means good things for the Sonic fans!

With company interest and contact, it's able to supply new news first, buying links, and and tip offs on where you can go get stuff. SonicGear will keep getting better!