Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Fall Season Update

October means it's time for fall!
And this week's update manages to actually have a fall time theme! (amazing) A really themed update has been something uncommon, just due to how the site is having to run, putting everything possible on every week. So this is refreshing.

What's on the Fall theme?
Loads of new clothes (Every season change brings a big clothing dump to the USA, as you've no doubt experienced), school supply (even if it's old) , Halloween thing (even if it's a nutty bootleg), winter wear (courtesy of Kohl's stores and their weird "fashion combos") So it's pretty well and covered the bases for the month and makes for quite a nice update.

Seldom Updated Sections:
Classic USA Clothes got that 1994 shirt. This is so so so rarely updated. Does that mean nearly ever single bit of classic Sonic clothing has been gathered? Or does it mean it's all just become super rare?

USA Hygiene- Another powered toothbrush. Sonic+Hygiene isn't the most intuitive combination, but that's also what causes it to be so oddball and like-able.

Item of the week:
Japanese Tails themed nail clipper. You KNEW it was going to be that oddity going in! Really? A claw clipper? Japan just said 'why not'. And since it has just Tails on there, you know that there is AT LEAST a Sonic one lurking around somewhere. I would have been the first to yell 'fake!' at it, but it's all nice and labeled on the back. Plus, check out that rare Sitting Tails art! It's so cute, why wasn't it used on more products? It would be hilarious if somehow there was also an Eggman one.

Fashion Combos: What are they good for?
Who knows. They're the thing that comes with a shirt (always) and then some kind of hat, whether you want it or not. Usually a knit cap or some sort of beanie style cap. The design usually fits together with the shirt but...who actually WEARS these weird caps? I mean fuzzy hats are one thing on the slopes...but why do they think making everyone buy knit caps is somehow cool? I saw the one set in Kohl's for 18.00 and didn't buy it even though I'm a shirt collector because...I won't spend on some oddball hat that's not that great quality.

Erector Sets:
Hope you like Speed Stars. Lots of them.

Next week:
Likely to be more older stuff, and older mails. They really add variety in (look at all the things this week) and anything to clear up the mail always helps. Mail situation is better this week too, down by 2 mails, so everything's looking up.