Monday, April 09, 2007

Random Day for SonicGear & Bop Bag Rant

This week's update was really random.
It's good to spice things up with a mish-mash update once in a while, keeps it interesting. This sort of update is a bit more difficult than the usual ones to do, though. It's more folders, more link finding, more needing to keep a lot of stuff in a lot of places streight so the update comes out all right. It also sometimes spawns new pages (in this case, 2 new ones went up, USA Sonic Random 3 and Sonic the hedgehog Fan Items 2) which also take a while.

I'd also been sitting on those photos for a while, looking at them over and over in the img. bins and it got annoying. Time to do a bit of spring cleaning. The people who appriciate random stuff like a customized Sonic Jet Ski, or a tooth brush will like it though.

Speaking of random...Bop Bags. I REALLY do not see the obsession with these things. The selection is HUGE for no good reason. There's what, 5 designs? As far as I know, no one actually collects these inflatable space-hoggers so what's the deal with companies churning out zillions of designs? I mean, if someone was going to make you something Sonic, wouldn't you pick something cooler than a...punching bag for little kids? And who is buying these? I can't really see them as a parent-beg item either. They're not gee whiz, they're not anything to do with Sonic or Sonic X. Is there some thriving bopping market somewhere that just no one knows about?

Somehow, I doubt that. And where are they sold? It's not like there's a punch bopper section of toy stores because kids can't get enough of knocking over a bag of air. The only place I've ever seen them is enigmatic ebay. I just find it highly curious--it's not actually a rant, but rather a bafflement of logic. But if it's collectible and Sonic, onto Gear it goes.

The 2 top items out of the update would have to be the tops and the bead art things.
I am a sucker for art, so the ability to arrange beads into real-world pixel art is fun and cute. I wish I could find the name of the bead company that did these, so fans could buy them and make their own Sonics. The tops are there because it's Eggman in the USA, and also the quality of the set is really high. MCRG, the original sender of the photos had a great resolution, you could really tell they were a good collectible. The jet ski...made it because it was custom. The custom paint is a stock art still, but they did a good job, and it's got to be interesting to see. Plus, a customized jet ski is just cool.