Monday, July 21, 2014

Australia Arrangement Update

The blog hasn't posted in a while because...
There really wasn't that much interesting to talk about. It is still pretty quiet, news-wise & stuff-wise. Only a few new things came in this week, so something different was added to the update:

A re-arrangement.
It had long been a point that "Australia Items" was not organized. It's just a bunch of pages with the stuff all over them, not sorted by category like most of the others. This was because it started out with a really limited amount of merchandise, then didn't get anything new for like...ages. Super categorization isn't needed when a place only has a couple of things. However, over the years more stuff showed up, both old & new and it had gotten harder to find things quickly.

Australia Accessories
Is the newest page. Enough stuff for a page, and not too much that it empties out the pre-existing pages and makes them blank/hard to use. Other potential pages include clothing & electronics. However, to get those to appear, lots more items from there have to be found / sent in to help populate the already existing pages.

Back to School:
It's only July but the first backpack of the season has already appeared. Retail seems to rush the seasons more and more every time. They hardly make sense any more. Oh it's october? That means xmas. So annoying. However, back to school usually means new merchandise, so in that way stuff could get a boost.

Will the site see more stuff like re-arrangements?
Yes, if submissions continue to be slow. "Show Pages" will be really overhauled & added to. There's plenty of vhs & dvd stuff around that's not well covered on Gear. Other sites tend to cover shows/games more so I never really bothered to do super thorough work with them, but, with an opportunity to really spruce the place up, why not.

Archie will be doing some kind of Boom tie-in.
Everyone kind of suspected this, but it is confirmed now with variant covers to make people spend money on Boom.

Next time:
Hopefully the Gear Store. It's been a couple of months, and something could have sold out or been added, so it's time to work with that & keep it nice. If there's stuff, it'll be stuff & store, if no stuff it'll be Shows & Store.