Monday, February 26, 2007

Mailing List Time!

The first issue of the new Sonic Super Sales newsletter is going out tonight.

Well tonight the first Mailing List Edition goes out!
Since it's beginning, the Sonic Super Sales mailing list has aquired about 8 people. I recently discovered a deal, which is that you can get a free Sonic Comic at Borders Book Store if you follow a series of steps. So all this letter contains is the list of steps and why/how it works.
The catch is, that it takes a whole year to get the comic! So no, it's not particularly thrilling, but you can't really beat 'free stuff' so it's still appropriate to send out for this list.

How will people react? Will anyone want this deal? I hope this is a good enough thing for the first letter of the list. I'm also hoping my organization skillz are good enough to keep the list going smoothly in the future. Planning a trip to Sears this week to look for Sonic shirts, so there's another possibility for the 2nd edition already if they are on sale or anything.

The update went well enough for Gear on Sunday night, but it's a bit sparse so I'm thinking of trying a mid-week hit to keep things fresh. It's stuffed animals this time, but I really only got some Japanese ones up, when I'd planned to try and throw them all on there. It's another part of "submitted stuff" that should go up pretty quickly after it's actually given to me.