Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Monopoly Monopolizes Update

This week had 2 updates...
Mostly so that the mail could be chipped away at again. There was plenty of content for 1, but the addition of the Sonic theme Monopoly game made it overload. Plus, new pages had to be made for a couple of areas so it was a pretty big week anyway.

The recent weeks have seen 2 really big image / description-heavy content items. The Monopoly game & the  big history of Sonic book. Stuff like that is cool, but it's also good it doesn't come around all that often because it takes up the time of like 10 other items to do just one. Getting the full story on complicated things is exactly what SonicGear is here to deliver! And it is thanks to the fans that it can appear so quickly & well done too.

First 4 Figures News:
If you're not signed up to their news's news for you! They're apparently re-making more of some of their Sonic figures. It seems to be so far Super Sonic. So if you couldn't decide on the figure at the time, or you needed to save up, this is a good second chance. Also they mention the Modern Sonic they took pre orders for like...a while back will be coming in March too. Does this mean they could re-release other figures that did well? If so, that would be great for the fans who missed out.

Monopoly -
All bets are on this becoming a collector's item. It's got ALL the 'fixins' to set itself up. Loads of unique but small, easy to lose Sonic related pieces? Check. Expensive when new so not everyone will want to afford it? Check. Not distributed to every brick & mortar toy section ever? Check. All of those things point to a price jump later on as little brothers break or lose cards & game pieces, & game collectors squirrel away unopened boxes in permanent collections.

How'd they do?
According to collectors, they beat Mario's monopoly theme. Which IS impressive. If you only collect Sonic & not Mario, there's a few things to know about him. His stuff is more riddled with bootlegs than Sonic is, for starters. His quality control seems a TAD better on mainstream stuff. Like, he never had a horribly mutant action figure line that made no sense with any of his games. His merchandise pushers seem more consistent in blanketing areas with Mario stuff. Ex. Mario blankets, big dolls, sheet sets, swim trunks & PJs at every walmart & target, however, he may have less design variety. So they don't just throw together anything to cash in on him.

There's not so many kmarts around any more. Their prices weren't that great compared to quality vs target & vs price with walmart so they closed a batch of them in many areas. It was in the finance news a while back. Is there still a K near you? Might want to check it for Sonic shirts. They've got some more exclusive (it seems) designs. Their prices on those are good too, something like about 6.99 in kids/teens. Some kmarts are better than others with selection, though.

Next week...will it be the book section reordering in Gear Store?
Finally? Hopefully so cause coming up is that big Archie Sonic / Megaman crossover with like variant collectible covers & prob a batch of content coming with it. I think that's march or something too.