Sunday, March 08, 2009

Pixels to Plastic Update

This week had a really special addition.
The show Pixels to Plastic (covers action figures made from video game characters) covered Sonic in a big way for their landmark 20th episode. (I'm thinking Sonic fans must have nettled them till the cows came home, because fans are very persistant...which is a good thing!) What resulted was, about a half an hr of Sonic content for people to watch. SonicGear was consulted for the info, and also tapped for the photos used in the slideshows.

The show itself is really worth-while, as they did aquire some of the figures for themselves to move and use on the show. They've got good comparison shots, and some guest-spots to highlight things like the comic and some of the statues. Really, the comic guy (Dirt) really does know his stuff. Their slideshows are pretty much totally random pulled from their own submissions and Gear as well, though they did hit some of the expensive plush. Curiously they stayed out of Hygene and most of the food (selecting only the most common of foods) Also their own submissions show the real prevelence of that common menace ToyNetwork and their dumb plushes.

The other things really show the variety of lego things people can come up with and a few odds and ends elsewhere. Some info added but really the show was the big deal this time around. The next update WILL be plushes, the only question is if it'll come mid-week as a bonus or as the regular update.

Mail is on the mend but I need to fix up the store because Amazon apparently changed its mind on some stuff and busted up the links.