Monday, November 21, 2016

SonicGear Store - Sprucing up for CyberMonday

Another week...another larger update...
Stuff is really flowing in to SonicGear lately, making up some of the Japan Items deficit that it's always had. Japan items would still have a long way to go before it gets up to USA stuff levels, but at this rate it will certainly creep up on it if it keeps going. It's all interesting stuff too, for the most part! Real obscure things, fun designs and a good chance to see stuff that otherwise people would never know about. It's surprising how long some (seemingly popular) stuff escaped detection or even knowledge-of by fans.

What about variety?
Of course, variety will still be a focus as it always was. This past update will be the last "All JP" update for a while. With Mania & whatever in 2017, hopefully there will be more stuff around in the USA/Canada/EU because Boom can't suffocate everything forever. If the updates have to have even more stuff added to have variety...then that's how it'll be once...

The Gear Store gets fixed.
The store has gone into a great degree of disrepair. It happens because each button can only be host to 1 single supply (or seller, or whatever) of that particular item at a time. If THAT seller runs out of the item, the button turns orange and flashes/you can't use it. So, each thing must be policed against turning orange...and if it does, it has to either re-find the item & generate a new button, or if the item is well and long gone (Like Missile Wrist action figures, for example) the description & button space permanently removed.

Store (don't) worry:
If something disappears from the store, don't worry, it's not gone from the site. All the stuff in the store is always somewhere else in the image galleries of Gear, it's just not buy-able there.

The store is a HUGE job:
It takes a LONG time and is rather difficult to fix each broken item in the store. And the store is huge! But it's also useful and loads of people love having it, especially around the holidays so fixing it up before Black Friday & CyberMonday and all that shopping madness/sales weekend is priority #1. It is a difficult job because when you are editing the store you can't actually see any of the products.

Question of the week:
Since the Lego Sonic thing is doing well and seems to be both witty & has been said to be fun to play will we get merchandise of it? (As in tees, toys that aren't Lego, accessories etc) Is "Lego Sonic" a FOURTH SONIC to have to contend with? Classic, Modern, Boom AND LEGO? Just don't let him stamp out all other Sonic styles...

Item of the week:
Sonic X coloring book. GOOD Sonic art to trace & color and encourage art? Yes please! Too bad it's so rare and unheard of.

Next week:
More like DURING the week! The store will be getting fixed all this week & new items will certainly be going into it. Keychains already gained a few new items.
The next actual update will have more Japan stuff for sure, but also a few USA things that have been starting to pop up due to Mania.