Monday, March 19, 2012

Few Fixups on the Way? And the rarity of purple

Though the blog has been sparse...
The last couple of updates have done really well for the site. They got a lot of the new mail cleared out, and the mail count is now at 199 again. (The old record was 189...and if this week does well, it'll be at that again on sunday's update) Which means 2 things can happen:

Getting into older mail (all the people who's stuff didn't go on!)
Fixing up the site on areas that need repairs

The old stuff is self-explanatory, but the fix-ups will be
The Gear Store (always seems to need links repaired as stuff sells out)
Papercraft Area

The papercraft area has broken down lately because the original host sites tore the crafts down so the links don't work. Of course the original patterns were archived but.......they need to be found (not always an easy task) and then uploaded to the SonicGear server to re-establish the links. Naturally big media sites (like foxkids) can't be trusted to keep content for old shows up infinitely, so it was all planned just now the plan actually has to go into action. And CAN so long as the mail stays mild enough & there's no big releases.

A couple of firsts this week for fanstuff, those being the fingernail & furniture.

Also if you missed it, headline news has the Toywiz 'we've got a random placeholder now' announcement for Rouge/Shadow Comicbook 2pak from Jazwares. No photo, no interesting anything aside from the fact that it exists.

Geez, what has been wrong with Rouge? Will her sculpt just be super difficult? Can't be that bad because ToyNetwork made a nice one that was on-model and they flopped at loads of stuff. Did everything they do for her look ugly? What exactly IS JW excuse for why they made Big first. Or heck, even Storm AND Wave! I've never once heard anyone say "Well that Big the Cat...he's just so cool with his slowness & his fishing" But Rouge is a fan fave for a LOT of people...what's up with the neglect? Even Charmy has mock-up material. It isn't the "girls curse" either because well...see Wave & Amy.

Topic #2:
Why is purple rare?
Purple & Sonic just don't seem to go together often. Of all of the colors of his 'stuff' purple is probably the rarest of all, right along with pink. But why? Blue & purple are near on the color wheel, which means they can go together well. But this week sees what could be the FIRST all-purple Sonic shirt...and the graphic on it is pink. Pink goes great with purple too, so why wasn't any of the Amy stuff purple? Sure Blaze & Big are if you wanted them on an item or a tee obviously don't pick it or they'd disappear into the background. But they're not on like...a majority of stuff.

It is just something odd that occurred to me, as I have an overview of ALL THE THINGS and purple was made conspicuous by its absence. Pink is understand-able because "that is the girl color" so retailers fear it because 'it might drive boys away'. But purple is just some random color like yellow or orange it's not "for" anything in particular so it just seemed really random to exclude it.