Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sonic Birthday Week 2009 - Catch Up

Well the b-day week updates are certainly coming along.
It has made the week super hectic, to have to do a full or nearly-full update on every single day, despite all that's going on along with them. The updates (as you will probably notice) fell behind by 1 day, which was corrected today. It was also nearly impossible to correct because it meant having to do 2 in one really Sat. was the only day that could accomplish that.

Most of the updates are just scattershot things.
Aside from being really entertaining for everyone who looks at the stuff, they're also being used to clear as much of the mail pile up as possible. I've now gotten down into the pretty old stuff so if you sent in something long ago and are confused about what happened to it...look out! Because you might have just gotten a mail and the stuff added. The mail is now to 65 messages, which is not the all-time low of 49, but it is headed in the right direction.

It's this same reason that the site didn't get a batch of new pages like it did last year. The bday week has brought 2 new ones so far, and a 3rd all-new surprise page is in the works. Yes, it does bring in a new catagory and will mean some of the currently placed things will move. Can't have a birthday week without SOMEthing all new, at least!