Sunday, June 04, 2006

Essay Update & Nearly Riders Time

Hmm, an odd friday update.
I had some nice days off, and since I missed the usual update time, why not friday? I am trying to leave a horrible job currently, which is interfereing with the site schedule. This week's update was mugs, because...well I had a surplus of mug images. Whee. I know that mugs are not that thrilling but the stupid TRU around here doesn't seem to be stocking figures fast enough so I can't complete any of those sections.

As for WHY TRU is figure-free...that's for the update of today "Stop Scalping" in the essays area. However, I'll keep trying for the figures until I get them.

What's upcoming?
Riders review once I beat it so that you can get the whole story.
Opening of a page about the different shows, with photos of the Sonic X DVDs so you can collect them
Adding in what the 'talking figures' say because I need to remember to do it. :P