Friday, April 20, 2012

Mascot Suit Issues Post

Another 2 part update for the week...
This one sees an all right variety of stuff, but more importantly, it gets into the older mail items that had been buried in the flood of stuff for a while. (As evidenced by Thanksgiving items showing up)

Mascot Suit News:
Senator Sonic appears to have discovered an off-label mascot suit manufacturer. You're no doubt familiar with all those horrid fake suits kluttering up ebay and fooling no-one with their shabby details and funky colors. However, this site:

appears to be making either clones of a classic official suit OR they were licensed out to make a few, but are now going off label to make them for fans...if the site itself can be believed. Since it's so iffy/unsure, I didn't want this link directly on Gear, but it should be known about because it's a really curious point.
Thanks to SenatorSonic for link & investigation

*Mascot suits aren't sold to the general public for licensed characters usually due to fear of defamation. (posing of the suit doing things the company wouldn't want). See the 'wacky photos' with "drunk homeless winnie the pooh" and "mickey mouse on his grave" for examples of what CAN be done that companies don't want photos of all around the internet.

SonicGear finally gets something scary:
That Werehog costume!
What's worst is that it's on somebody's bed! Yeah you come home, you turn on the light, and there that thing is standing on the bed and staring. Somehow the poorly done-ness of it contributes to how weird and frightful it is. That thing needs to go wherever the Tails Doll went and stay there.

Fan Item....sort of:
The fan items section has a rule of No CG, No 2D, No Paperchildren & No Unpublished books/comics. It's in place because other sites cover those type of items much more than Gear, and they belong in a gallery (elsewhere) that has other similar things. Also, if they were to be accepted, flooding would occur and break the site. However, this is a new genre of fan item:

the figure & photo manipulation. It takes the Jazwares figure, & combines it with modified set photos to create scenes you see here. The effect is good, though the method isn't easy! It's def. something cool to do with the JW figures, since they're so on-model. It works especially great now that they've let out badnik accessories as well.

I wanted to feature it here, as it couldn't go onto the site due to the rule (it's a CG 2D piece being as it is art phototgraphy) but it is an all new method of using figures to create great stuff!
Photos manipulated by SCIFIJACKRABBIT

Next week:
Hopefully the Gear Store can get an update. Some of the links have broken again, and archie has really stepped it up on books / compilations & things that need to get in there. Their tankouban style releases are a fantastic way to get the back issues cheaply, so that's something that needs to be kept up with.

Update MAY be late next week.
Why? PSO2.
What's PSO2? The PC free sequel to Phantasy Star Online. I got into the Beta for it, and the test runs during this upcoming week. Want to know more? and (go hassle it's facebook to help with a faster world-wide release!) have the details. It's pretty awesome stuff.