Sunday, September 27, 2009

Arguement Mania - The Pesty Update

Arguments abound this update...but first to the news!

Clothing on SuperSale: Get it now!
Want 3 Sonic shirts for 17$ ? (thats with tax too!) Then get to JC Penny right now! They're transitioning their fall line in, and the old stuff out. Whatever didn't sell out you can grab for $5.50 a shirt! All sizes they have left are ready to be grabbed at this bargain price. Designs include triple Sonic rocket-shoe/falling letters on white, Sonic vs. Shadow "X" red variant, Chris & robots Sonic X shirt, DJ Sonic Spins SA Style (black) Multi-Character/cast shirt Blue OR white. PLUS anything anyone else missed. Get out there this week if you can!

Bakugan, Mario, & Transformers are also similarly on sale.

10 Inch Metal Sonic & Juvis released in the USA
SOME Toys R Us have these figures. Select stores in the USA now have all the things Jazwares has out currently. Whatever is in or out of stock depends on your store's availability. Don't forget to call ahead asking for Sonic with the UPCs on the corresponding SonicGear pages.

Mystery Super Black Knight Poser:
It's a mystery figure that has been showing up since the 5in came out. It is a super poser regular Sonic, shown holding the Caliburn sword from the 5 inch Jazwares set in a gauntlet-hand.

It has appeared on Amazon and also websites for sale. A few people have found him elsewhere, but its always the same photo. It really resembles the fan item on Fan Items 8, where someone DID modify a SP into SBK Sonic. That fan artist has process shots of cutting up the hand and putting it back together in the gauntlet, so they didn't "steal" this mystery figure. But, as you can see with that tiny hand, this one looks to be more of a kitbash where they could have chopped the hand off the 5 inch and threw it on this one. The sword is odd because it is the 5 inch sword. (it's too small for him)

This could be a case of someone accidentally ripping off fan art while trying to sell a real JW thing. They always seem to call him "5 inch" in the description too, which as anyone knows, is wrong. Also where's the box? No one sells a loose figure like that. Is it a bootleg? Stolen art? Hopefully Jazwares can help everyone get to the bottom of it.
Want to see it?

Shadow Not on Wave 2 of 3inch Line?
Is he or isn't he? With Amy & Silver said to be on Wave 2 of this popular line, you'd think fan-favorite Shadow would be a shoe-in.. but according to he was cancelled. Are they mis-informed? It seems possible, because Knuckles was never meant to be a separate figure. He was always going to be enclosed with Clear Sonic on the Comic-2-pack. It wouldn't make sense to manufacture him seperately as well. They WANT to cross promote that comic and squeeze more money out of the mould by having clear Sonic. No one would want to make that 2-pak LESS appealing by making Knuckles separate.

Either way, until Jazwares speaks, does a photo shoot, or somehow confirms or denies, Wave 2 of the figures is still up in the air. Link & info provided by SonicRanger

Argument #2
Are the latest Jazwares figures (Metal Sonic 10inch & Juvis) out yet or not?
The answer to that one is 'where is your toys r us'. As usual, not all the stores got them at once. BUT 10inch Metal IS at so if you can't get to a store, or you don't want to wait, you can order him right now.

The update:
Well obviously it's mostly fan items again. They took up most of the time, but I did manage to slide in some other current stuff that's important like the Hot Topic things and anything that came in on Jazwares. Yes, that is all thats in on JW currently. It must have been only like...5 toysruses in the USA that actually got the figures. Meh.

Next week:
Maaaybe Summer of Sonic shots? Maybe not. Depending the workload.