Monday, August 27, 2012

2 Exceptions Update

This update has 2 exceptions to usual rules.
The blog can be used to go against the grain sometimes though...

USUALLY....Auctions aren't listed anywhere on Gear, or the blog. Mostly because if it did, it'd turn into nothing but a classified section of random items which wouldn't be entertaining. Plus, sales and auctions are so short lived, and Gear (etc) is a perm. archive.  However, every once in a while something's an exception (mostly because no one will ever buy it) like this thing here:

"Life Size" Statue being sold

out of Japan...somehow. Supposedly this is the one from Germany (actually mentioned on the site) and it is BIG. 1.86 meter, without the stand. The auction reveals that it's fiberglass, and was made by OXMOX: Production Company. Its at like 600K yen, but who knows how much it cost when it was new. But it IS kind of new...if this is the German one, why'd they get rid of it so quickly? It just seems odd where it is (Japan) and the speed.

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A famous? fan art
Fan art, such as 2D paper works/paintings/markers/CGs/paperchildren/pencils/etc aren't eligable for SonicGear Fan Objects...basically because there are every other gallery online for stuff like that already. However, another exception occurs with...

it's sort of a web project where some guy decided to try to draw 'everything' into 1 picture. He missed, as everything isn't really in there, but loads of popculture stuff sure is. It does include Sonic, as well as Waldo (making it some sort of unofficial wheres Waldo) 

Post must be saved here due to hurricane issues. Will likely have a part 2.