Monday, January 08, 2007

Spending the wrong dollar

The website has a small news delay because I spent the wrong dollar!
It's an odd situation, actually. I picked up a Wizard Magazine (The hottest things of 2007 issue) and started going through it, when I saw...A Sonic ad! How unusual. It was a little 1/4 page thing on the edge of one page, for a 15th anniversary resin statue. It has clearish-blue stuff holding up his feet, a gray base, and it looks fairly cool. The ad is kind of lame though, because it doesn't say how big it is, how much it costs, and no one could be bothered to put together a website for it. Typical Sonic merchandising.

Anyway, all you can do to aquire the thing is call the special phone number in the ad. I wasn't going to buy the whole, expensive magazine for just that one bit, so I wrote the # down on a dollar-edge. Then I found the latest issue of Sonic X comic. (you can see where this is going) Yes, I had enough dollars to not need to spend it on the comic, but I handed over the wrong buck anyway. So, today's update is not totally complete.

The question is: Is this the same as the figure that came free with pre-orders of Sonic for the 360? Since that got denied as well, I need a picture to confirm.

As for you might notice the front page is different. I'm changing it around to hopefully be easier to navigate, and hold more info. Some great new sections are planned, but they're no good if you can't get to them.

One of the first things should be a mailing list for Sonic Bargains. This would be great to announce sales and special offers (like the phone deal above) RIGHT away, rather then having to wait for a web update to announce them. The problem with this is, it would need to be on some sort of auto-responder which is more the technical end and would need figuring out. How hard is it? Don't know until you try so...