Sunday, August 12, 2007

Sonic Gear Super Sonic Update

Super Sonic is the opposite of Super Saiyan Goku in merchandise.
With Goku, you can barely find anything with 'normal non ssj Goku' on it. But with Sonic, it's the other way around. There isn't really much of anything Super Sonic out there. 2 plushes, 1 eraser cover and a STC poster. There may be other things, but they are mega rare and havn't been covered yet.

This week's update was originally going to be about just SuperSonic (3 things) but got out of hand when I decided to put up all the posters that had been submitted in 1 shot to get them out of the bin and help clear the mail.

The Super Sonic things are a custom figure--really, this is a good thing to do with pesky 'capsule figures' where you end up with several of the same guy since you have no control over who you buy. It came out quite well too. The other is a Sonic Fighters plush who must have been 'the secret guy' on that plush set. Due to rarity the collector dropped over 400 dollars on it. That is OUTRAGEOUS. Do companies that make things hate money? Well they must, if they let fans scour the earth for merchandise instead of producing it.

I figure some of this stuff must come out of corporate brain-dead zones where they don't have the first clue as to what people really want, and don't bother asking. That's the only way I can explain E102gamma plushes going for $800 dollars on ebay while companies like ToyIsland turn out shameful horrors one after the next.
And it's not the 'rarity' of the thing that sells it! It's that people WANT a certain character plush and will go to any length to get it. It's because super Sonic/ E102 /QUALITY Amy etc. are so cool (as characters) not because they only made like 12 of it on the whole earth. end/rant

The last Super Sonic is the Fleetway/STC poster version. This comic was apparently really good about giving away loads of stuff to subscribers. The large poster selection that went along with it proves that point well.

The last note for the update is the long-overdue posting of my Metal Sonic plush. Got this thing out of Singapore or some place that had like 14$ shipping on it. This was before the ebay Sonic frenzy so I'd only ended up bidding about 9 to win him. These days, that is outrageous. As you can see, the poor thing is a bit mutant. His design was only partially correctly interperated, so he got a floppy cloth flap instead of the 2 spikes. He also proves that not everything that comes out of Japan is ultra-spot-on design wise.
Yes, it is offical. The tag may be faded, but it is defenetely a real SEGA tag. This was confirmed before bidding, and the thing is authentic in-hand. Still, it is a great thing in my collection, simply due to Metal Sonic's rarity.

Next week:
Likely to be promo items and something else. Possibly more music or clothes as Sears has picked up 3 new Sonic designs.