Monday, November 02, 2009

Around the world with a woggle & a feve

It looks like SonicGear updates are back on track.
At least for now. Plenty of variety in this week's update with items from around the world (mostly) UK, Japan, USA, and France make the list this time, all with several new items added (well except France) Bootlegs also got some things but those aren't specific.

Specific items...
Want to know what a Woggle and a Feve are? Try SonicGear...there are Sonic items of both of those. Talk about specific...because most people have never heard of such items. VERY niche perhaps? It's actually not even the first feve posted to Gear...the other was German. More feve info may be pending but it's buried in some ancient mail that needs to be excavated from the inbox. However, if things keep up this way it may not be long!

Where was Halloween?
As you know, there's usually some sort of crazy Halloween theme update for SonicGear. It has terrible stuff, ugly items or mutant gear. But this mutants? Yeah a few bootleg costumes went up the month before but...I guess fortunately for everyone, the items didn't cooperate. No Calander of Crud? That's true too. With toynetwork either gone for good or finally having quit making awful costumed plush the calender hasn't been updated in ages. It may not have been 'spooky' but really that's fine because who actually wants BAD scary Sonic items?

Next week:
More variety, hopefully. There's still plenty of mail left with plenty more interesting things to add. Also looking to add to the store as well, with the holidays coming up people may need help in finding Sonic gifts.