Monday, March 22, 2010

Regular Update 2- Disaster Avoided

On the surface, it just looked like a regular update this week.
Plenty of stuff, including a quite decent selection of England shirts. Everyone should be good and entertained, which is a refreshing change against the trouble of late. Likely more the same niceness next week, providing all keeps going well. It's def. a good thing that it looked regular.

Remember the whole 'unedit-able page' thing?
It struck the INDEX this time. The one dreaded thing, it finally lashed out at. If the fix hadn't been discovered the week before, it would have sent Gear grinding to a halt for...well...a damm long time. The index is what links to every other page. Going un-editable is what breaks every single link on any given page. Fixing it would have been a HUGE feat that would have cancelled any update. It was a serious bullet-dodge that it only happened once a fix had been proven. And it's apparently not 100% out of the woods yet, as this mystery garbage (Apparently self-inserting CSS with a mind of its own) can put itself back in WHILE a clean/good page is being uploaded and break the heck out of it. It can also jump onto a page and do absolutely nothing/be harmless. It can remain a mystery all it wants, so long as the fix is fast and easy.

Item of the week:
Has to be the Harry Potter Obama Sonic schoolbag. This was actually sent in WAY earlier, but due to all the crazy crud newgolive threw around it was mired in delays. This also caused several well meaning people to send it in and get turned down because the original guy was so early. This hilarious bag has mis-colored Sonic, random flowers and "Harry Potter Obama" written on it for no apparent reason. Were they going for the 'personalized bag' look? Like...the user's name SHOULD be Harry Potter? Was it meant for Obama? How much attention do kids not in the USA pay to some other country president? How many grade-schoolers of the USA know the name of the president of random other countries? (and then would want their name on a school bag) It's just SO MUCH nonsense all crammed into 1 item that it's super funny.

The selection of new UK shirts was also really encouraging, with some real new art and cool concepts. (not from the diecut tag people of mystery, either) It's great to see they're not stuck with retro stuff like what Hot Topic had been churning out in the US. However, HT seems to be branching a little with this week's new shirt and wallet. (Really white wallets are a disaster of dirt waiting to happen, nice to see they threw in a blue one. I suppose the chain is mandatory, with it being HT and all)

The next big news prediction:
With all the 'junk' of newgolive and general technical (aka boring) difficulties, it's been wondered what the next big Sonic stuff news will be. The general opinion is that it's likely going to be Jazwares doing more Racers stuff, or the Metal Sonic 2 pak/comic thing dropping to stores in an unexpected/unannounced manner. They did that with clear blue Sonic poser, so it can happen again. Also Tails/Vehicle is conspicuous by its absence from the scene. They're going to want to remedy that, the only question is 'when?'.

Personal note:
I'm also REALLY HOPING for an Eggman in his monster truck like thing. Eggman does not get nearly enough 'face time' especially if you want a villain in your collection/show/shelf/whatever. They make plenty of Darth Vaders and you can always buy the badguy out of almost everything else, but where's the bad Egg? Having a gizmo with him would only make it more appealing. Just look at the prices on Toy Island's 6in line Eggman, they're sky high! (plus, he was like the best figure they did on that line anyway) I also know there are Eggman fans, and really he plays such a big part whether or not he's the main villain, that he totally deserves a figure.

Next Week-
More clean up on aisle 'mail'. So, probably theme-free random stuff going up everywhere I can sling a photo. Down from 180, there's still around 160 mails, each with some interesting thing/s inside waiting to be added. All exterior projects (ie. Silver Fix Up) & new pages still on hold.