Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Sonic Cook & Becker Book Perfected

This week brings the announcement that the much anticipated Cook & Becker published Sonic collectible coffee table type book has now been perfected.

It will ship out to all who pre ordered it at the end of June.

So what's the story?
The first printing of the book got sent to the C&B people, and they knew the quality wasn't right. It wouldn't satisfy the fans. So they sent it back to get it fixed & redone. But then! That factory/book maker did the book badly again or ruined it further. So, they switched makers and this new one has gotten the book right & perfected it so that everyone will be happy.

Why is a delay GOOD?
Because it means YOU get a GREAT product! Cook & Becker cares about Sonic fans and they're proving it with this quality issue. Some lame co. would just let the book go/let a bad factory get away with sub-par products. But not these guys. They're standing up for your money, Sonic himself & a legacy of quality with a book people will keep and collect basically forever. They're also being extra cool about it and using super quick shipping for all who pre-ordered as soon as it arrives to them.

Good move: Show this company you can appreciate it and its stand for quality by buying this book if you want it. Which...with 100% Sonic content...who wouldn't?

Fan Power!
This week, fan power solved the Mystery Magazine!
Yes, the power of Sonic Fans looking at Sonic Gear is still strong. Not 1 week after the posting of the 'mystery magazine' but it got solved by helpful readers, complete with a link to all scans of the interior. This is exactly what Gear is all about: Explaining stuff people may not have, and providing resources so everyone can enjoy the Sonic items.And...thanks to the people who contribute & make the site strong it's possible.

Nothing particularly remarkable this week really, except for the power of fans.
It's still clearing more out of the old image bins, and....they're getting toward the bottom with bunch of older stuff going up this week.

Next week:
Some surprising mutants, and bunches of them.