Sunday, January 08, 2006

Stop the Scalpers!

The news of the week is...
Those new Shadow the Hedgehog controllers have started showing up on Ebay at super high prices. People are grabbing all of them off the shelves and saying they are 'rare' and 'exclusive' when it isn't true. It's only rare if goons are hoarding them all.

The practice of buying up everything cool in a store, then scalping it off on Ebay is, of course, annoying and wrong. It prevents fans from having the stuff they want. If someone buys it all and keeps it in their house/warehouse it means you can't find it in the store, and then are forced to pay way over retail to get a hold of it.

The only way to combat this is with info and patience. KNOW where to go to grab the goods for yourself. In the case of the Shadow controller, it is your local GameSpots or GameStop. If you can't find it there, THEN you go online to get it. But before you do, be sure to ask in the store. Let everyone know what you want. You may not think it matters if 1 person speaks up, but you are one of many Sonic fans and if every place is hearing it...

Just a mini-rant that is hopefully informative.