Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sonic Music Wrap Up

This update marks the last of the currently-held Sonic music CDs.

There are more CDs of music out there (and I suspect lots) but they're just not currently in possession of SonicGear. At least 3 more are known, and that's not including all the "Sonic Dance Attacks" of which there were quite a few, but who-knows how many. Nearly 100% of the CD covers and 100% of the track listings so far have been donated by the ever-helpful Flare the Hedgehog. The music section is already well on it's way to becoming the largest section of Gear, but this was pretty much a given from the start. And a good thing, too!

Next week will bring still more plushes, as a never-ending supply of them seems to stream in. We'll get some clarification for the 'pale plushes', but watch out, as more mutant plushes will attack! There will even be another zany 'huge plush', though it isn't as good as the Immense Amy featured earlier.

After that will be books, as a surprisingly helpful fan has donated many images from their library, and even provided explanations and plot summaries! If Sonic books have been an intreguing mystery for you to try and collect, don't miss the update 2 weeks from now!