Monday, May 09, 2011

Underwear Update

As you'll of noticed...
This update contains a ton of underwear. Why the sudden surge in boxers? Who knows, but England is loaded with the things. While once a rarity, Sonic underwear is now a big deal. If you live anywhere else though, you'll have to import it, or get a place that ships world wide...which can be troublesome. All the designs are rather decent, there's nothing terribly tacky among them, though some are rather busy. It's just interesting to see this BIG of a quantity of any one thing turning up at once, esp. if it's as obscure as underpants.

Where is the girls underwear?
Why isn't there a Sonic underwear for girls? There are girls-fit tees, so why not a panty of some kind? Everyone likes Sonic. Hopefully, someone will take some consideration and create it soon.
Store displays also make a re-appearance on the update.
They're kind of uncommon because they're produced only for retail stores (less of those than there are fans) and they're meant to be disposed of once the promo period ends. However, lucky fans can sometimes obtain them after the store doesn't want them, so they make a fine collectible. Some of them are quite creative too, so they're neat to see.

International Gains 1 / Loses 1
International unknown lost an item, the mystery mini fig turned out to be from France. It's good to have this placed, finally. What likely contributed to the confusion was it was a multi-use figure. Not only was it enclosed with a game in one instance, but it was also in capsule machines. It probably got distributed outside France too...but that can always be added later if proven.

Item of the week
The HP pasta that went onto Int Unknown
A mystery food is uncommon...usually people can find out where it's from right away. What's so interesting about it, is that it uses badnik shapes instead of Sonic ones for the noodles. Certainly mechanical shapes like Orbinaut & Batbrain are easy to do for the large, heavy die that makes the shapes. (these things are made by pressing dough through a thick steel die with shaped slots, after which a blade slices the shape off & it is cooked before canning) The die itself is difficult to make as well as costly, so any shape you have to be positive the fans will really like.
Generally, I think badniks are under-appriciated/under-represented on the whole. Their designs are clever & often nature inspired. They're fairly unique & colorful, good for placement on products--so it's sort of surprising more of them aren't seen. Is it due to lack of good stock art? (that didn't stop mutant goggle-eye ugly Tails did it??? I kid....sort of)

Next week: may contain shirts