Sunday, February 24, 2008

Giant School Time Sonic Update

This week's update didn't go as planned. It was supposed to be another Mail Bag update to help get rid of the 71 some msgs in the box. If your mail is in there, and I havn't responded to you...that's kinda why.

As I was going through to prepare the update, I noticed that a ton of School stuff was in the ready bin, so it was def. time to try and get it all online. It cleared out a few mails in the process as well, but not all. Then, the update just kinda got out of control from there. I found out that Japan and England didn't have school pages, so those needed to be created, then had to go into the old 'misc' pages and pull the stuff off them, to get it sorted. That's a big process, and one I don't really like doing. (as it is tedious)

It worked out to give the viewers a ton of content, but also ate up hours of time. I kind of feel like 'spinning the wheels' with regards to the email of gear. It is part of good service to keep up with it, but it always seems like I get no-where and am buried by it.

Also likely to be on the lookout for a mid-week update.
Someone has 2 very special somethings in their collection that could use a little spot light...SonicGear style!