Sunday, May 25, 2008

Gear is back from vacation

The vacation was fabulous!
Over a whole week of nothing but interesting and amazing sights. Sonic sights...? Maybe! A youtube video will likely appear later on, with a Sonic surprise at the end!

Yes, there was plenty of mail upon the return, but I think I got most of it with this update. There's still loads more to go though, so next week is likely to be a 'mail bag' update as well. This update contained some really neat stuff though...

Another customized Xbox, a tattoo, and even a Sally theme dress. Yes, it's SonicGear's first dress photo, and it's not every update that an all-new item appears. You've seen loads of T-shirts and piles of plush, but a dress? Remarkable! Still, coming from Australia, it's not quite as surprising. Segaworld Sydney really had an ecclectic selection of things that no-where else seemed to match the odd-ball variety of--except maybe Japan.

Also on it were some surprising German bed-sheets and a mystery penguin figure. The sheets are really quite nice, one of the better sets out there. It didn't rely on over-used patterns or stock-art and all the items really went well and had variety. To of only shown up NOW means that it's got to be pretty darn rare as well.

This update really proves that as time goes on, gets more and more interesting, both to make, and to look at!