Sunday, November 26, 2006

Pre-Order Burns Gear Again!

Remember the whole fiasco with the Sonic Riders Pre-Order T-shirt/game?
After that Gear swore 'no more mail pre-orders'! I almost got the money stole just trying to get that one, and only had the game A MONTH after the real release and like 5 phone calls.

I thought pre-ordering in a store would be safe and easy. So when a newsletter showed up in the box saying how GameSpots and GameStops would be giving away a FREE 15th Anniversary Sonic Statue with every pre-order of the new Sonic The Hedgehog for Xbox 360 and PS3, I knew I was in business.

Guess again!
Went to the local GameSpot, and put the $5 down for the 360 version. The counter lady didn't seem to gamer-ish, but we confirmed twice that it was for the Xbox, and that I'd be getting my awesome statue. I explained that I didn't have a 360 yet, but I was just a collector looking for the figure. The release of the game came and went, with no call from the store. (They usually call you to let you know to pick it up)

So finally I was going that way anyway, and stopped in. All this time I was thinking their shipment was just late, or they were having trouble getting the statues or something. So I get there, show the recipt you get for pre-orders, and they're like "Oh but this is the code # for PS3"
"Wait, what?"

Exactly. Stupid girl pushed in the wrong system. Ps3 WASNT EVEN OUT when the game was released so NO DUH that the game couldn't come out for it before the system. So this time a stupid person skroos gear (and you) out of getting photos and reviews for yet another item. I hate pre-ordering. Why do they even bother giving stuff away?