Monday, September 17, 2012

Cameo Curiosity & Merchandise

A couple of interesting topics for the week...
The first being Wreck it Ralph, which contains the purest form of cameo (someone famous appearing in a minor role in an actual movie) which is great to see. Does this mean that the USA Wreck it Ralph poster is now a Sonic collectible?
That depends on the opinion. "Get it if you want it" has always kind of been mine. Hopefully everyone's really glad that Sega gave the OK for Eggman & Sonic to appear in something big like this. Obviously, it's never happened before so nobody knows if it'll even do anything. (As in: Is it going to spawn merch? make Sonic more popular? etc. etc)

That strange anime...
"Center of the Blue World"
Is as close a translation as has yet appeared for Aoi Sekai no ChÅ«shin de , where "Gear" is a not really parody more like homage character maybe of Sonic. People are calling it "Smash Bros. the Unofficial Anime", and things like that because Nintendo & Sega homage/parody characters will fight in it. I guess I can't really decide WHAT the "humanized versions" actually are. I mean Sonic's alive, but Tetris sure wasn't. They're not "making fun of" the original item they're just kinda using it. Maybe there is no such word.

Opinion zone:
Very interested, there hasn't been anything like this before. Will watch subtitled or whatever just to see what it does, how the "Sonic guy" acts. I also am extremely curious as to if it'll take off and become some huge thing, or just whittle away in obscurity. Stuff like this can go either way/no way to know till it happens. I think it could end up good, if they've put in some effort.

Why is Sonic Gear?
Now there's a question. They could of named the dude anything. Why GEAR? As the maintainer of's just got to be asked. is a place.
You'll see it mentioned on this update in the entry for...I think the suspicious idevice cases on USA Electronics. Since it's a web retailer that says it will deal ONLY in Sonic goods, naturally it has to be looked into. What's up with this joint?

Based in England
Says it sends to USA & Canada (but not England? why? how?)
Is mostly a re-seller of stuff at marked up prices

This isn't some nirvana of buy-able rare goodies that everyone would hope for. It's like they cleared out some Toys R Us's and posted it all into their 'store' hoping to grab an extra buck. Everything's between 2 and 5+ dollars more than you'd find it at regular retail. Annoying if a TRU is near you, fairly ok if there's not...because otherwise you can't get stuff like the Free Riders & etc, without paying even MORE markups on Amazon or something.

They've only got like 2 things you can't find anywhere else, which are suspicious black/white tees at horribly high prices, and the ipad cases. Lots of 'coming soon' banners. Not sure why they built the place, but it'll be somewhere to keep an eye on, I guess.

New section!
Puzzles & Games (non video) Lots o' stuff going on this week , that was one of it. So far only the USA really ever needed it. Very curious what the monopoly will do...aside from being very collectible. Word is it could end up at around 40 bucks. Hopefully it runs a bit less than that, but you already know it's packed with cool goodies.

If you didn't get these, get to toys r us, and dont spend more online. I picked up both as when TRU starts stocking the light ups, they seem to start FreeRiders again...which was great because their dist. was poor for the whole line except Jet & Sonic.

Next week:
More older mail will go on, along with reviews/photos for the Morphlites. I've already got these, so they'll be going on nomatter what. Early opinion? Seems all right. Price is VERY right especially for a light up pretty good size action figure at only 6.99 each. Will we look narrowly at Jazwares before the review is through? At this rate its possible, not opened them up yet.