Friday, August 04, 2006

Meddling Along...

The lastest update was a bunch of Sonic the Hedgehog clothing for to provide a break from all the action figures.

The Toy Island figures are now complete, at least until their next line comes out in the fall. After reviewing the Figures & Emerealds line, the new lines look like a total dissapointment. The sculpts FAIL. Which is really irritating to me because they've proved they can do better and are just morons for not. I mean, look at Mario, look at MegaMan. They're on somewhat the same standing as Sonic, but yet magically their toys are never disgusting or stupid to the degree Sonic gets dumped with. What are they thinking!

It's also annoying to have to run a site and review this garbage when they're not even -trying- to make a decent product. The only line (upcoming) that has any hope at all for it is the 'super posables' and that's if they manage to not screw up the heads so horribly. This should be a way thrilling time for the site but those horrible preview photos are just stupid.

*Also whoever "edited" them needs a "visit" from Bojack for doing such a bad job.

Another nagging problem is Google's stubborn refusal to index the site. There are SO many great things to do with that search bar but it is totally in their hands. And, in my opinion they're droppin' the ball. Sonic Gear has been around too long and has had too much effort put into it for them to just keep ignoring it with the crawler.

I don't profess to be some kind of internet guru search optimization thing, but I HAVE done my homework on this one and put tons of effort into getting Gear on 'the list' or 'found' by the crawler bots, all to no avail. It's just obnoxious to do all this work, all this research and effort and then nothing positive happen from it. I KNOW Sonic Gear can be better, but I mean throw me a bone here!