Monday, May 11, 2009

Waiting for TRU

This week's update was a bit slow stuff-wise.
Some good things on it for sure, but not the loads of items like on the last update. A mid-weeker is likely though, probably with things from Germany, as that's gotten to be a mini-theme amongst the older mails. And, the older mails are finally getting some attention too because mail was decent enough this time around. Down to 81, which is good. If it can get and keep well under 100, the next section has to be a better 'shows' section.

Various VHS and DVDs and things have been submitted...but they just sit away in the image bins because there's no where really for them to go. The shows section will have a page for each Sonic show, with clips to watch, stats on when it was, some kind of plot summary/generalization, and photos of the media. (Like DVDs and VHSs and stuff) It'll also link directly to the SonicGear Store so if anyone finds out about the show, likes it, and watches clips, they might want to buy it so that should really up the collecting convenience.

Shows are one thing that isn't hard to get. For some reason even 'ancient' shows stay fresh on DVD as various companies release them again and again. Original Transformers? They've got box sets coming out again, even though they came out several years ago. This means if the fans want to get a hold of any of the serieses, it shouldn't be a problem. Always convenient when things go like that, so too bad it's not the norm.

Some of the update was 'behind the scenes' with various credits being posted and some new info added to some of the entries. Stuff like that doesn't get front-page announced because it would pile up too many links in the news box. One of the infos was that the Sonic Tails Friendship Charm is under 10 bucks to buy it Japan. It's the clever little piece that started a slight stir a while back, but good to see that it's reasonable price-wise.

Next week?
Could be a figure review. That all depends on TRU who claimed they were getting all the new figures on sunday (yes its not a postal mail day, but apparently things do ship to stores on this day) However, what people may NOT realize is that that particular sunday is also mothers' day, the busiest calling day of the entire year. Meaning: "phone does not work on this day-hang up and go away". So yeah I called it about 17 times. No dice.

More luck today of course, but got one of those people that "doesnt know what a sonic is" who went to look for any figures and of course, did not find anything. Yeah yeah I know they didn't magically run out of all their old stock so...unfortunately looks like its time (later in the week) to actually go and take a look.