Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Late Half An Update

Update is late this week...
But with decent enough reason. Yes that reason is called 'a 50 inch 3D lcd tv' and 'getting the cash to buy it put together' But just think! How great will Sonic games look on it? Fantastic, there's no doubt. If I ever get to play them. Confession: I own Sonic Black Knight but it was never even opened. I've had it for months.

Sonic World Events/Places:
You'll notice this section got an over-haul with this update. The original page morphed into JUST Summer of Sonic, and the new, 2nd page now holds all the 'world places' instead. But don't under-estimate this as a simple content move...there's plenty of new shots to see this week, especially of a fascinating hotel room that any fan would love to stay in.

Wall Decor Decal Thinger:
This is on my want list. It's classy, simple, not busy and BIG. Plus you can re-position it and it looks like it is made of tough stuff. All things that add up to a big want, at least for me. 39.99...hopefully it is worth its price. Plus, the fandom has never seen anything like it before.

Fan Paper Craft:
I openly dare any company to top it including Sega itself. It's a great design work, and turns out a really good looking final product if the photos are any indication. Extra good that it can use made-up paper emeralds or use the ones from the Super Pack. It is clearly a design with fan use in mind. The fans have always loved paper craft, it's odd that more of them aren't officially released.

Next time:
Even though the update is late, expect a 2nd one this same week. Not enough stuff went on to get the mail down any. It was a busy week with lots of items sent in and some complicated things going on with the pages as well.