Wednesday, May 21, 2014

More Non-Stuff Sending

Another week...another update fueled mostly by old mail.
Which is just fine!

For now.
It's enabling a clean up of old items all the way back to when the site broke. Hopefully I can get all of the old stuff out and get the mail all caught up. So why the 'for now'? What happens when the old mail finally runs out? If nothing else comes out between now and then...will Gear not have any updates any more?

There's more to do. Sections could be better managed. The "Shows Section" could finally be put up to cover tapes and dvds and show clips and stuff with embedded youtubes. The store could be re-fixed (That thing is always in needs of repair because it sells out of stuff) The old sort of entrenched in dust pages that the old site software broke could be fixed.

So, there's no real worries about Sonic Gear going bust in the future.
It's such a huge site that there's probably always something to do with it, or improvements to make. Plus, more Sonic things will be made and people will keep discovering more 90s stuff for a while yet at least. I would bet the site doesn't even have HALF the stuff from Japan yet. (vintage)

Item of the week:
Has to be the video of the SA1 "Arcade style" LCD game. If you've ever played LCD games you'll know right away how unusually sophisticated the thing is. The video has great coverage and is almost half an hour long. That's a lot of footage for 1 LCD but it shows you the whole thing.

Next week:
Depends on if anything gets sent in or not. If not, more old stuff like magazines or some really annoyingly similar plushes. If yes, it could be anything. Since it's spring, hopefully someone turns up more tees somewhere or cool Sonic clothing. Maybe that SBK Silver will finally turn up somewhere. (one can always hope)