Wednesday, May 22, 2013

New Game & Figure Hype!

First up is the announcement (sort of) of a new Sonic game!
At the bottom you'll find First4Figures news too!

Gear doesn't cover games or much real game stuff. There are other sites that do that much better. Gear is mostly merch, but the blog can be about anything. And this time, there are some deductions to be had & some speculation.

Sonic Lost World
This was "uncovered" when Sega was discovered to have bought the rights to that trio of words a while back. Nobody knew what it meant at the time, but a new game was speculated. And so it was true...

Website doesn't do anything but fade in the title in JP text/white on 5.23.13 so its not much use to anyone except as a place-holder teaser type thing.

A photo from it is seen here with this article:

Where you can see the Tornado flying toward a clump of hexagons in the sky. They look pretty standard too, with icy ones, jungle ones, water ones, volcano ones....etc. Is it ALREADY becoming TYPICAL asks the skeptical viewer of the photo?

If you read the article carefully though you can get out some info and deduce some things.

"The next 3 Sonic games are Nintendo Exclusive"
It then proceeds to mention no other titles. However, Lost World is #1, you KNOW that Sonic Mario Olympic Funtime / wherever will be #2, leaving only #3 to be a mystery. All the olympic ones do really well, so yet another is a shoe in for "its going to happen". (I know not everybody is a fan of them, but they sell well so who the main thought by Sega etc)

The bottom line there...
All the PS3, PC or Xbox people won't have the super long wait for Sonic that they may be imagining.

(Above links discovered by Banana)

You'll notice the article also mentions "returning friends" well obviously because Tails is in the Tornado in the photo they have so yeah, friends must return. But then it adds the words "new friends". This gets people up in arms. You'll notice "The Sonic Cycle" being tossed around too.

(click photo in that article to see the so called Cycle)

Why does "new friends" upset people?
- It takes the focus off Sonic, who they like best
- It means less focus on their favorite character who already exists ex "I want to know more about Knuckles"
- Gameplay modes that they don't like (find emeralds, go fish, shooter type etc)
- Big the cat

Why does "new friends" excite people?
- It could intro someone cool
- It could bring in cool new gameplay type that people actually like
- Metal Sonic was a new character at one point and he turned out cool right
- No matter what, it shakes things up

Opinion Zone:
I dont know the plot, or anything else but my first instinct is "Dont add anybody new". I LIKE the chars we've got, I want to know more about them. I want to see THEM doing things. I'm no pessimist thinking they're going to toss out another Big the cat to us, but let's see more Sonic & somebody who exists NOW action.

As if 1 teaser wasn't enough!
Now you can see this video (sort of) for F4F Shadow!

Looks like they're gearing up to make another great display figure. Then, remember how the previous post talked about their All Stars license? They've got a poll now too!

I know there are NiGHTS fans out there (me too!) so this poll is good news for you no matter what.

Lots of exciting news this week!