Friday, August 24, 2012

Cozy Post

This week's update sees mostly winter-ish stuff like blankets, bed sets, pjs &...snuggies.
Yes 'snuggy' is the brand name so these things are technically the "cozy robe" but...whatever. There's been one before "the blanket with sleeves!" and it was kind of ho hum design wise. These others bring a little more to the table including a strange/interesting one that's like a costume that is the item of the week. The bed sets ACTUAL sets with like...sheets and pillowcases are a welcome addition for anyone in the USA. If you've been watching the updates, you'll see that UK area has loads and the prices on ebay are always high.

Bed Sets
Decorating a room usually includes the biggest thing in the room: the bed. And if you can decorate it with Sonic...well so much the better. Previously anyone outside the UK area had to pay buyers either via ebay or elsewhere to ship bed sets to them, which was super costly because cloth & blankets are not only big but pretty heavy too. This week brings the first known 'whole set' to the USA since well...early Sonic. Fortunately, it's modern and at least one side of the blanket isn't super busy.
Busyness can over run a room with a zillion annoying patterns. Usually a 'collecting room' of someone who has at least a couple items is already pretty busy. Throwing in some clashy/tiny pattern all over something big is a bad design idea. The 'scene' side of the blanket fixes this.

Hopefully, it does well, and is the first of many.
Not every design is liked by everyone, and at like 30something dollars you've kind of got to like it's best to have choices. Maybe something with neo-classic art, and another with modern art. Maybe a pillow case selection so people can get their favorite characters.

The 'cozy robe':
Doesn't that seem kind of Sonic-opposite? I guess laying around under a blanket is possible, but one with sleeves so you don't have to do like...anything? Regardless, they're an all right idea to keep warm, and more designs aren't bad.

Item of the week
Costume style cozy robe. That thing is interesting. Never seen one for any other character, is Sonic first? Does it have spikes on the back? Could you use it as a Halloween costume? These are the things people want to know. It's a tad odd, but you've got to give it points for creativity.

Irritation of the week:
The sound effects plushes. These annoy on 2 levels. First off, they're 8.99, that's cheaper than the JW small size dolls...AND they have sounds too? It casts a poor light on JW because it makes JW look like it's over charging by millllesss for their poorly designed plushes. The sound thingy isn't free. If JW price for a same size doll is 9.99 to 10.99, those SFX ones ought to have been 15. But since they're smells of JW over charging.

Second annoyance. Ok they're cheap and...good thing for it too, cause otherwise no one would spend on them. They just look.....kinda bad. I HAD to put that Tails on mutant gear. I mean...a zillion flaws AND "Big Body"? It just looked so...non-Tails like. Maybe they're cheap because they didn't bother to try to get a good pattern? Monobrow big face caveman Sonic seems to be some kind of evidence.

It's such a shame that here in 2012 stuff like this still gets out. I mean if someone actually just made a REALLY GOOD doll...crazy money. I guess it's the reason that those SA2 Battle JP only plushes keep going for like 400 dollars because everyone refuses to look at a picture of Sonic while creating a pattern.

Next week:
As fall approaches, toy news probably approaches too. Places like Toy Wiz are showing 'pre orders' for things they have no pictures of, like JW figures with accessories and other items. Why is this not bigger news? I'm from the internet, and until I see a photo of an item I kind of don't care all that much because it may or may not happen. Past experiences have shown it's not particularly worth getting worked up over unless you can actually see proof that it ever existed. Too many "plans" that never come to anything.

However, you can't ignore all news and 'blurbs' like these either, so expect something...just kind of unknown as to when.