Monday, August 11, 2014

Lost Name Posting

Well, it came down to it this week.
No one sent anything in. Either no one is going to the site, nothing new is really out, or no one is bothering to send things they find any more. All three options aren't that good of news.

So...I posted up several things from a .zip archive that had been sent in long ago.
Why didn't it go up before? Because when the mail changed (the program that gets mail) the letter it came with got lost so I don't have any idea who sent them in /who to credit. So "NameLost" is used on those particular items. They were really good photos too, of stuff nobody else ever sent in, so it's not like people wouldn't be missing out if they didn't go up. I'd (of course) tried to put it off to maybe find the name, or get other submits to replace it but that didn't happen's as good a time as any.

Mail from 2008
Yep. One of the oldest mails got cleaned up this week as well. (It was the Sonic X Japan tee & phone tag doll if you were wondering) It was another case of 'it just got buried' and then there was always something newer to be taken care of first.

This lull in stuff is good in that it's causing a clean-up, but kind of bad for anyone who wanted modern easily gettable stuff. For instance, a person wanting an old 1990s shirt may be able to LOOK at it, but it's not usually something that can be found & bought right away. Frustrating, but true because clothing is considered 'semi disposable' by the general public (worn & then worn out) and the 1990s was a while ago. Interesting to see, but harder to get. (There was a case of this very thing in the email this week, is why it gets brought up)

So how about those SBK figures?
Yeah. How about them Jazwares. Still no sign anywhere, sadly.

Item of the week:
Cinch top string bag. I don't know "The home of pot leafs & swear words" Spencers Gifts managed to make a string bag into an almost cool/classy thing, but with this one they sure did it. I just wish the place wasn't so skeevy any more. If you havn't been in a online because the stores seem stuffed up with "Rude Slogan on Everything", swears = cool, & pot stuff. I guess it sells well for them but.....why.

TRU report:
Lots of stagnant Sonic stuff on shelves reported everywhere. Apparently "re release classic Sonic & his light up emeralds" being expensive at 17 18 or 19 dollars aren't the huge hit they were anticipating. Chaotix 3 packs are also shelf-warming (oddly...because everyone really wanted Chaotix stuff supposedly, so why no buys? Over Produced? Annoyed because Espio was released twice before and now you've got to buy him again? No one still likes Charmy Bee? (<---joke a="" because="" charmy="" fun="" gets="" lot="" made="" of="" p="" question="">
Next week:
Who knows. This week will PROBABLY see the roll-out of the new ads which should bring relevant stuff to the site edges & middles. The bug may have been worked out (makes Golive, the site building problem) slam everything with false-alarm errors) which means the ad-landscape on Gear will change for the better. Also, the "Don't use adblock or you will ruin your own experience that you are trying to have" warning will roll out onto the home page. It's going to be a huge job replacing all the old stuff with the new so when it says 'roll out' it really does mean the start of stuff. Updates will likely be talked about on here, the site blog.