Sunday, March 23, 2008

Japan Sonic Merchandise Mega Update

Well, SonicGear has now recieved one of the larger updates it's ever had since it was started up so long ago.

The whole update was basically all due to one famous collector getting in a whole batch of things and sending over the photos. All of it was really great stuff that Gear didn't have yet on it (and many things I didn't know existed) This was rather timely as well, because Japan hadn't had a stuff update in quite some time.

It forced a new page for clothing, which seems surprising. For all the 'other stuff' of Sonic that Japan makes, you'd think we'd all be swimming in clothes photos. But! Either they aren't like the UK, USA and AU at all, in that they simply don't care about clothes (unlikely-see the SonicStore in fan events for more) or photos have a hard time escaping the country. Personally, I think it's the latter.

However, most of the page is taken up by no less than 8 different ties! All the ties are well done, though, and there isn't a really nutty one in the lot, like there are on some of the other countries'. Also getting a large amount of photos is School Supplies, which this time actually brings a Super Sonic AND Metal Sonic item. Two of the rarest characters, pictured on Pencil Tins are quite a nice addition.

Being a large amount of images, it was fortunate they all fell into a few catagories, making the update easier than it could of been.

Info is also going up, such as game-play details for some of the McDonalds' LCDs. Info on Gear tends to go up un-announced as usually it is little bits at a time, and the announcements would be huge (and no one would read it) if each one was mentioned. This improves SonicGear sort of "Behind the Scenes".

Due to this, the mail is at an all time low of 66 messages. The goal here is to get it down to where each message is taken care of upon the week it is recieved so that no one feels neglected and content doesn't build up. However, until then, hopefully letter writers and photo submitters can have patience.