Thursday, July 14, 2016

Where Is The Update? It's Error 502

Where is the SonicGear Update?
It is done, but can't be posted because of ....502. Well what's that?

I don't know.
SonicGear is updated/created using Adobe GoLive, and has been updated pretty much every week in exactly the same way with the same settings for the past 3 to 5 years. Likely even longer, with the server settings. Same host, same program, same way, same time, same info, same proceedure, same settings. Nothing ever changes. Until this week, when 502 appears. What is it exactly? It's

"Can not list folder
Reason: Can not list FTP Folder 502 PORT command not implemented"

That's hardly an explanation, you say?
That's right. What is a port command? Why does it need capital letters? Who implements it and has un-implemented it only this past week in order to cause it to happen? HOW do you un-implement and why? (Is someone unplugging a wire? A switch is off?) After some searching, it's apparently a pretty rare error. It would be nice if the error message explained itself a little better or told you what to do when you see it. As it is, it just has 'hit ok' and then it goes away and you can't do anything else.

The bottom line:
It is apparently something that is on the server side of the site. That means it's nothing that's been done here and nothing TO do here to make it right again. The tech support has been contacted, they said it was fixed on Tuesday and it's not, or they thought it was, or it actually was and then they re broke it or whatever. So they've been re-contacted but takes a little while to respond. But there is nothing to be done for anything until then.

The update itself:
It'll be a biggie. To spoil the content, it's the entire new clothing line that just came out. So it'll get a blog post to go along with it, and the fanfare for the new pages and all that. Really, with a news so big as that it's a shame the 502 has come at this time to disrupt it.

Next time:
Well hopefully the update goes up before the end of the week. One update was already skipped because of the line release (all updating time was devoted to gathering all the line info instead)

Blog posts will continue un-interrupted so if nothing keeps happening with the site, do check back here at the blog for any news updates.