Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sonic on Cyber Monday 2009

What comes after BlackFriday?
CyberMonday. The day when everyone who couldn't get everything they wanted out of offline-store sales charges onto the internet to try and get their holiday shopping done early. A great time for online retail, because online...there are NO lines!

What is SonicGear going to do about it?
Well, update the Sonic Gear Store, naturally! It's a celebration of fixed links and added items with this update. It's not so much precicely about the Sonic Fans themselves, as they know where to get Sonic items year-round, and don't need some holiday as an excuse to grab an action figure or a keychain. However, a lot of gift-givers shop on SonicGear and I'm sure gift-getters would appriciate something official and not bootleg off of ebay. If parents are doing holiday cruising, wouldn't it be great if they could just pick up anything Sonic and cool without having to deal with ebay fools? This update aims to help out with that.

Of course, there's hopefully something for everyone but...

*It's looking like Rouge fans may be in for a bit of dissapointment because some of her item links just won't come back up with in-stock things.
* Some things have been 'marked down'--
as in cheaper links were found and replaced the older more expensive ones to help everyone get a bargain. Usually when this happens though the cheaper link sells out so if you see something you know just got less expensive, pick it up right off or it might go away.
* Some entries tell you flat out "Don't buy this here".
What kind of a store would ever tell anyone that? A store that really cares about the fans! I realize that Gear comes up in searches for a lot of stuff. It's the best way to get the word out that buying from Toys R Us directly is the best way to go...simply throwing it on the entry for the actual item.
* Items not added-
I refuse to add stuff that's over priced AND lame! This goes for those awful tiny Jazwares plushes. This thing was trying to serve me links with them in there for 20 bucks a piece and no one wants them anyway.
*Items finally added-
Solved the mystery of some of those KellyToy sporting goods. They may be 'kiddie stuff' but they really did use good design on them. Quite stylish! Also GLAD to have added the Tails Keycap. That thing is rediculously cute and everyone needs one. NEEDS.

Wacky Facts:
The store is not easy to update. It is actually invisible to me while I do it. Half the descriptions are there for my own use so I can tell what happened if something broke.
The link server serves all kinds of wierd garbage to weed through. Zelda game cases, crash bandicoot plushes, and a comic with Kit Fisto on the front labeled as a Sonic comic. Yes, bootlegs come up too and have to be ignored.

New Page:
A new page has been added to the store: Sonic Books. It's been a while in coming because the book selection is actually pretty decent and cheap. There's even stuff from the UK and ye olde 1990s thrown in there. Because Amazon is serving, it's not too much of a surprise, but the penny prices on some of them sure are. Hopefully people take advantage of this part while the getting's good, because that 65$ where's Waldo style one proves what happens when they don't.

Next post will detail the 'stuff part' of the update that's not the store. This week is getting a type of dual update with half focused on the store, and half on the regular part of gear.