Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Personal poobah- where's the update?

Where is the update?
Blame Sega. A place that I like to go, is ending in a stupid and terrible manner. It is ending tonight. I've been kept super busy trying to clear out all the content for my other website. The update will appear (likely on THURS) of this week. It's still going to go up, and it'll have some cool stuff on it, but just not timely. *watch for Vector too!

If you only care about Gear, stop here <--
What's ending is one of Sonic Team's other games, Phantasy Star Universe for pc/ps2. The game had been defunct for a while due to their neglect. It's like as if they published a magazine you could subscribe to for 10$/month and sent out the first maybe year worth of the publication. Then, some months it wouldn't come, even though you paid. Others, it would come to some people, but not you. Later, they'd just crumple a page or two and throw it at you. Then, it got to where you'd pay but never get anything at all. Sure they'd make excuses but...

And then...they shut it down. "well, that's not so bad" you might say "they weren't giving anyone anything anyway, at least that's honest". But they didn't stop there. They sent ninjas to your house to steal every back issue to ensure you could never enjoy it again. And then...they BLAMED THE FANS. They said "not enough people liked our magazine" and "we're going to close it down, it's the fans fault, for not supporting us!"

This is where my mess-up comes in:
The game, being an RPG has a pretty big plot. Lotsa quests, etc. The other site has all the plot write ups that are also bits of gameplay guide/speculation/multi paths etc. Its like an all-in-1. I made it because I didn't see anything else all-in-1 ish that way and I was really interested in the story too, but everyone just seemed to want to gloss that over to get at "THE RARZ". (rare items) So my site is still the only place (that I know of) to get all of it all at once. Well, the plot *branches* at one point to dish out more content/encourage replay value etc.

I skroo'd up because I figured the branches couldn't be that big. Well BSBBQ was I ever wrong on that one. Text-walls abound, zillions of scenes and forced-replay. Plus a mission that's mysteriously super hard (it makes all final bosses look like push-overs and basically nullifies any so called 'challenge' that had been on any other mission) wasted even more time. Now on the final day it's down to the wire, and I've cut out everything possible (clearly, even the update) to try and get through it all so other people can still experience the interesting, even once it's unjustly shut down.