Sunday, November 25, 2007

Sonic Dance Power?

This week's update covers all of the "Sonic Dance Power" CD collection.

Haven't heard of them? Not surprising, given that they were mostly released around Europe. One country started it, then they sort of went all over the place--but mysteriously never made it much into the USA. Even in EU, there weren't loads of them.

It's even debateable whether they're an actual 'Sonic' item or not. Why? The music on them has nothing to do with Sonic at all. It's just a bunch of dance and techno songs by popular bands of the time. No one really knows why Sega decided to do such a strange sort of 'project'. All they did was license out Sonic's name and image for the cover of each CD to the company that compiled the mix CDs. And that's how we got Sonic Dance Power.

Of course, even things vaguely Sonic get on Gear like "From Airline Reservations to Sonic the Hedgehog" the book about the software industry. And in this case Sonic's only in the title.

Though the page isn't exactly complete, most of them are missing the track listing, with only a few highlights. And, since these were more than just music CDs, they each had a little bit of multimedia content such as a preview or a little clip of something, those havn't been explained either. But now that the section is up, I don't doubt someone will write in who owns the actual things to reveal the details.