Monday, June 13, 2016

A New Company for Sonic Merch Revealed

With Sonic's birthday still approaching...
There's more good news & the rumor mill is still spinning so it's time for another blog post. First off, a new company gets a Sonic Classic License and starts making things in 2016. It is "Vandor". Vandor is already releasing factory photos of house-wares type stuff like bottles, mugs, and glasses and coasters. (All of which, will, of course, appear on SonicGear) This week's update saw their first 2 items a pair of clear glass glasses with 'laser' decals.

First Impression:
Good. The stuff is standard fare that everyone's seen before but their eye for design seems good enough to keep it fresh like details INSIDE mugs, 'laser' glasses, nice design on coasters, good application of 'neo classic' art & good color choice. If they keep up the nice design, release things on an ok schedule and have fair pricing they'll likely do well. They've got good ideas to keep things fresh and that is VERY necessary when holding the classic license. It's so easy to get stale and boring and look like every other Sonic collectible out there. They're likely up to the challenge.

Rumor Mill goes round n round:
This time some sort of "Humble Bundle" is in the rumor works. That's when a developer (or co.) releases a set of games at a low price sometimes with charitable results. Of course, nobody knows what games or when /if such bundle may appear at this point.

Mill confirms:
Tired of rumor mill? A 25th Anniversary soundtrack CD has been confirmed.
A party at Joypolis should also still happen
There will be 'stuff' for it but.....what?
E3 is june 14 - 16 what will happen there regarding Sonic?

The week's update was finally able to go 'around the world' again.
Those are always fun, something from lots of places all on one update.

Next week: More from Vandor, likely posters, some plush are possible and hopefully something cool from E3 if it appears.