Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Update - Big Spooky Fun

As you'll notice...
The update skipped last week. Why? Finally got everything moved over to the new PC, and the old one is out of the way. Now it's newgolive or bust. BUT the good news in all of it is, updates should be able to be done FASTER which is always better. So, an ok sacrifice.

Happy Halloween!
Most Halloweens of the past have been greeted by horrible dolls for the calander of crud, but this year everyone is fortunately fresh out of them. (gee, how long did that take? I mean, they havn't been making them in quite a while, yet always more of them managed to show up each year inspite of it all) However, there is a cool pumpkin to look at, which is much better than dolls no one wants to buy, and a fairly scary pinata up in bootlegs.

This update will be appearing in 2 parts, because it's so large.
It will contain everything from the skipped week, plus everything that would naturally appear. It also is starting to have some of the "Orphan Images", things which are so old they're separated from whoever sent them in, or the person never got back for credit. It starts with the Eggman if you sent it, DO write in again! The Orphan Images are products of the massive mail overload, but they need to be cleared out by being added anyway.

Big the cat & froggy pack:
HOW HOW did this get released before Rouge the Bat?
Am I mad? Well sorta...I mean why bother releasing Big first? Everyone knows Rouge is the more popular/desired for stuff character. All her things sell like hotcakes. I do wonder if it's a design or articulation issue that they can't get her right, or something.
Is Big going to do well when diehard fans buy him? Or is he going to be a shelf-warmer as his slightly expensive pack is shunned because of Big's general unpopularity? Only time will tell. The only thing that's a pretty sure bet is that Big won't be flimsy. (isnt it odd how Big continually gets these great figures, yet he's like the most hated guy?)

Next update:
Everything that didn't make it this time, from the last 2 weeks. Also the 'ultimate hotel room' should be making an appearance.