Monday, January 12, 2009

Bootlegs & more

Well, a lot of bootlegs this week.
I'd been putting them off because they're depressing/lame for an update and the whole xmas/newyears thing is supposed to be full of cool stuff. This update nearly got page 4 to halfway full, so there's no shortage. It's the one section of Gear no one wants to see more of.

The rest was another 'mail bag' type deal to try and clear some stuff out. Never did get the midweek update, but I still want to do one/one is planned. It's likely gonna need a few of them to really put a dent in the mail/get some new sections on the way, but we see what happens.

The highlight of the update (oddly enough) was a pencil topper/eraser. Usually rather unremarkable this one had an odd subject (Sally) from an unexpected place (the Luxor!) done with some really nice detail. It's not anything you'd expect out of an *eraser* of all things. Certainly it's rare due to the bad combination of: Winnable only, small, usable item, Sally item and 'only at 1 hotel'. Still, it's rather interesting to see.

Midweek update?
Likely to be shirts. Possibly 1 other catagory making an appearance.
Likely to be another mail bag with no real theme unless something happens. Got it back to 70 but that was it for the week. At least it's not piling up more.