Monday, October 08, 2007

Sonic & Shadow Super Posers Update

Well, it looks like the book update is put off for another week.

As you know, this week was supposed to be a Sonic the Hedgehog books update, thanks to loads of information and photos that have come in recently. However, aquiring the "Super Posers" action figures have caused a 1 week delay on that.

It's important that people be informed that these figures are available now (as it's late already...) and the books aren't. The books are all information that's been out there since the 90s, and you're just as likely to get them this week as you are the next. This is only a pest because I can't clean out the inbox until I do the books update.

The Super Posers review is also really long and thorough. This, I like to think, is where SonicGear comes through. No other place on the web gives you such a good all-around look and description of the items. It is SonicGears' goal to get the fans as CLOSE to actually owning the item as possible. The more informed you are, the better a 'buying decision' you can make, which is especially nice if you're going to have to lay down a good bit of cash. (Which in the case of Sonic tends to be fairly frequent)

So, with just the posers alone, it's like an entire new page went up. I had some photos of them earlier from a friend and fan, but it wouldn't be fair to the viewers of the site to publish any sort of review without a 'hands on' and a few opinions of the figures so I kept it quiet until they were in Gear's collection. The photos WERE used, to good acclaim though, as really these guys are quite fun.

Likely as a mid-week or on the next update, will be a fix for their eyes. I want to make an instruction and print-out page that people can use to alter the nasty eyes of the figures into something more presentable.

But be sure to check out the update at