Sunday, November 11, 2018

SonicGear- PC OK Again

What has happened to the update this past while?
Well, poor old PC was unwell. Twice!

The first time, the motherboard broke. It was one of the oldest components so finally a wire fell out of it (by itself, it literally never moves) and some of the capacitors leaked some yellow stuff and that combination made it quit. So, it had to go into the shop to get that bit replaced.

Then, once it returned...with a new case (equally as old as the board, and the supplier of the bad wire) it didn't work right. Like...take 10 mins to wake from sleep, opening a browser would crash it etc. Still no idea on what caused that...but it seems to have gotten over itself somehow. That leaves the oldest component of all to be the hard drive. How old is it?

Compy is 12!
Isn't that interesting. Compy goes on and on, replacing parts along the way. Is it the Ship of Theseus? No because it's the hard drive that is the heart of all things. Though, that ship is an interesting concept if you'd like to look up something.

The actual update:
This one was sort of a double update to clear out the stuff that was missed by skipping weeks due to the out of commission. Also, hustling the Sears stuff along because it seems not long now before nobody can shop at that store any more if they all go away/close. Which is rather too bad, it is always sad to see a Sonic outlet go away.

Are you tired of 'spec ops' stuff yet?
How about tired of overpriced phone cases?
Sass: Well haha better set your alarm because they're going to keep on coming. (ugh)

Sonic Books: Refreshing to finally see something in another category that's not more tees or accessories. There will be another book next week. It does not involve face-burrowing ghosts.

Still no word on: Mystery new Sonic show
New Wreck it Ralph trailer: Does not contain Sonic, but he IS reported to cameo

Next week: Finally the result of that Burlington bonanza of shirts. Get thee to a store!

Compy may be 12 but you are surely not 12 if you recognize this old joke nickname from HomeStar Runner, the somewhat nonsensical web cartoon. It is Strongbad's computer that he used to send/receive email before he got it a virus and was forced to switch to Lappy once the virus was very yes.