Thursday, June 02, 2011

Older Items Update- It was late

Update was late this week (clearly)
Why? MemorialDay holiday weekend disturbed the usual update time, then the rest of the week got in the way after that. Several 'new' pages went up as well & one more broken code page cured. What was broken? Fan Items hub of links. What pages were new? Just additional numbered pages (ie fan items 20) to categories that were already there.

This week is rather fortunate, in that several things from older mails started going on.
It's great news for anyone who submitted an item and then never knew what happened to it. This was made possible by a lighter-than-usual load of stuff and extra time to post it all up in. Really helped the mail too, which was nice to see after it only going down by 1 letter or so these last couple of times.

That doesn't mean there wasn't interesting stuff though!
A lot of it though is of somewhat...under suspicion interest. The silly looking 'chibi' Sonic plush found in Australia, and the 'updated SA1 Mighty' on the fake cartridge are interesting to see...but while its clear the cart is a phony, I rather suspect the doll is too.

What is up with:
Disk launchers. Seriously, what is the point of these? Launching a disk does...what exactly? Makes you go pick it up afterward so it doesn't go up the vac? Good for self-exercise? There have been other disk launchers released for Sonic (meal toys, specifically) I mean they're not even top launchers like a beyblade or other fighting top. I mean I'm sure they're ok to display and all but is that all anyone can think of?

What is up with II:
Stupid fake faded ink. Faux Wear, weathering, 'vintage look' whatever you want to call it, making things look shabby BEFORE you even buy them is a bad idea. I have never understood this fully. I mean yes, it's ok in a way for 'classic style' Sonic clothes that people are supposed to wear in an ironic way, as if it really was made in the early 90s and has been abused up until now...but it appears they've started doing it on modern designs too. That just makes no sense. Is it a price issue? Is busted up printing somehow less money than regular? Who knows, but it makes clothes harder to care for and collect/wear long term.

Item of the week:
Prototype Gacha style dispensing boxes & ball blindbox toys. PLEASE just release these in every country, whoever you are that's going to be selling these. Blindbox is bad enough without them being exclusive to somewhere annoying that's going to jack the price on the internet to fleece the fans. They're cute clever little things that should be easy for any fan to buy.

E3 is coming soon!
What sort of Sonic news will we hear there? Any Anniversary things or announcements? With an event this big, there's no telling what could be let out. (You can bet on Generations news though for consoles and 3DS) An exciting time leading up to this big deal. What else is coming soon (Sonic Bday) should also likely be figure news because of the anniversary. JW page may break the news, but who knows. Usually toy fansites get it first, somehow.

Next week:
Could be anything. The mail is clear for now on new things, so that means dipping in and cleaning up once again. It's time to bring out all of the interesting surprises that didn't get on earlier.