Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sonic Stuff - Crossover Zone Begins!

This week sees the start of 2 cross overs for Sonic!

Are they the first he's ever had?
No. Archie back in the day had some really lame ones that nobody liked. Spawn appeared in a panel of an issue (just to snatch at headlines, it was junk) and Sonic also appeared with Sabrina the Teenage Witch in another comic issue. So he's been having throw away type cameos since quite a while ago--both appearing in someone elses' comic (Sabrina) and having someone cross into his (Spawn)

These 2 current crossovers however, have the potential to be much better, and one of them is Item of the Week!

Item of the week:
Hello Kitty Sonic plush doll
It's Hello Kitty dressed up in a (predictably) very cute Sonic outfit. She DOES look adorable in it, because as everyone knows Sanrio's quality control is extreeeme. They seem to not let 1 single fiber go through if it's not 100% on model and quality. Yes, this does lead to high prices for anything with Kitty (at least compared with the non...kitty version) however you'll never see any stuff of hers in a 'mutant' section. They just won't allow it.
Naturally (as you can see with the entry on the site) the Suit is very Sonic like with the little shoes, gloves and spiked hoodie. It's 40$ but that's to be expected as well. The only question now is how do they plan to do the world release in 2013. It's at Japan Amusements until then...

The other crossover is the biggest xover comic news yet.
And the jury (of fans) seems to be out on whether or not it's cool or a flop!

Sonic & Megaman?
Yes. This is a full TWELVE ISSUE cross over spanning 3 books. Sonic Archie, Sonic Universe, & Mega Man. Probably each book will get 4 issues devoted to the mass crossing over. Since it's comic con weekend, it's probably you can expect to hear more about it if you pay attention to all the news that comes out of the con. Archie is trying to get all readers to buy all 3 books all the time, and are staging this to get it going. I have no exp with the MM by them, but reports do say that it's good--certainly many times better than how their Sonic book started off.

Good idea or not?
I honestly don't know. Apparently Capcom enraged most of the mega man fans by canning a game after they swore to make it, (Capcom has nothing to do with Archie, I guess) so tons of his fans are bitter right now. However, will that affect the comic? There are also (apparently) some Megaman guys people don't like (is it like Big the cat??) So far I'm hearing "Bass" and "Zero" getting bashed as unnecessary or something. I'm guessing it's the same thing as people hating on Shadow's solo game and then making fun of him as 'emo' ever after.

The rest of the update went along fine, with Romanian fast food toys being the most exotic thing. Were these anywhere else? That's yet to be discovered. Mail remains even this week, without going up or down. Will hope to have a slightly larger update next week, as this one had a convention over the weekend which disrupted the schedule.