Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Tedious Time Site Fixing & Guinness Record

This week is right in the middle of the tedious chore...
Replacing all the ads with better code so people can use them to locate Sonic stuff they want. The category of the site with the largest amount of pages (Fan Items) with 30 pages, is now through. However, USA area is going to be another monster with 10 pages of things in many categories and 20something worth of just shirts.

However, old mail provided an ok update as well for the week.
It's another part of someone's super big img folder of mascot costumes. There could even be another set worth of them to post in the upcoming week. (The problem with it was it had like 100 images or something, some of which (of course) are already on the site so you have to do memorize-n-compare to see what's different enough to bother with posting)

So the Sonic Boom Gamestop pre order doesn't even have a toy it's a picture of what someone thinks the toy will probably be like. Good sign or bad? I don't know.

This part here is a re-publish of facts from earlier, probably 2009 or so. But, because Sonic hit all of the following records in the book, it bears repeating because it's pretty interesting.

Guinness Record:
Longest Running Comic Series Based on a Video Game
Best Selling Franchise on the Sega Systems
Best Selling Retro Game Complication
Highest Score for Sonic the Hedgehog 2
Fastest Completion time for a game (Sonic the hedgehog 1 was completed in 17 minutes and 52 seconds!)
Fastest Video Game Character
Most Playable Characters in a single  platform game: Sonic Heroes

       Book: Guinness World Book of Records: Gamers Edition 2008

(Plus, the blog isn't very interesting this week because pasting code into...more code...I guess isn't very glamorous and doesn't summon any fresh or interesting items)

Someone got:
Some person somewhere actually got a SBK Silver/Gallahad. Yes it was PROVEN to be sold in 1 store 1 time, but that photo taker didn't actually buy the toy. This 2nd time of someone finding him maybe shines a ray of hope. Since these SBK's are basically TRU Exclusives (why aren't they stamped for it?) why doesn't TRU put it on their website?

Next week:
More mascots, more ads. It also depends, maybe store update as well. Fall usually means new items to be on the lookout for.