Sunday, March 13, 2011

Cameo Overoload Update

You'll notice the biggest share of the update this week went to Cameos.
Cameos were always an interesting thing to me, as it shows who is paying attention to Sonic / who likes Sonic enough to include him, etc. Everything from movies, shows, and videogames can all use him for a cameo. It also gives fans something fun to spot.

Wierdest cameo:
BEAN the Dynamite Duck in Virtua Strikers the soccer game. Bean is so obscure...and snarled in copyright nonsense. Did Virtua Strikers developers also help out with Sonic the Fighters game? (The only thing that featured Bean aside from Archie Sonic comics) I mean Sonic you expect, Chao you expect but...Bean sure isn't expected. Makes it interesting to see, though.

Annoying Item:
Toddler Tee. I thought TopHeavy was OVER WITH on making lame-size clothing?? The little kiddy tot stuff never did all that well because REAL Sonic fans tend to be old enough to choose Sonic clothing for themselves. And if this thing fits're not the one pickin' your clothes out if you know what I mean. But the design is modern/geometric and not that SonicX stuff they produced a good while back so...? Meh.

Fuzzy Sonic...
I know tons of people are curious about this figure, so be sure to look carefully at the prototype image that went up this week. Someone managed to clip him in the corner of it. Too bad you can't see the whole thing.

This update, as you've seen was immense.
There may or may not be a 2nd update this week. What's likely to be on it? Fan Items & Bootlegs...because those are still numerous. The mail did get a bit less, again...but only marginally. People will have to continue to wait.