Tuesday, May 08, 2018

Tomy at Target? Sonic Source...

Is Target the new home of Tomy Sonic?

People are reporting that there are a few of the Tomy plushes showing up in Target...but NOT in toys. They turn up in the video games & music area, for some reason. FNAF is a video game too but all that Freddy stuff's always in the toy aisle--so of course fans would look there first for Sonic. But it seems to not be so.

What else may appear?
As you know, Toys R Us is gone, and they were THE ONLY place that had the action figures & those 'emoji heads Boom plush'. Then, GameStop started picking up a few toy things, and got an exclusive on the classic 'switching deluxe' figure. Will Gamestop pick up the plush too? Will they pick up everything TRU had? One can hope, but with their limited space it seems unlikely.

Target is a good....target.
They have loads of space for merch that sells well, but will they use it?
Sticker-shock / Price-Rage...The neutral chao plush? It's barely bigger than a child's hand & has no features/gimmicks, yet is 14.99 at Target. A tiny doll like that? How is it so expensive? It looks nice, sure...it's not crumby and off-model or lame or anything but...gee whiz one can't help but feel that's a rip off at such a price. 9.99 would've been ok for such a small toy. Are these going to sell well or at all with such nasty prices?

You can't look for anything Sonic really online with them yet, their website isn't very updated, it seems. (For such a big store hmmmm)

Sonic Board Game Coming:
Sonic Crash Course the Board Game is coming soon to a Game Stop near you. Is this the game that was on kickstarter?

Affiliate Trouble:
SonicGear seems like a good* candidate to be an affiliate for First4Figures Sonic line, doesn't it?
However, F4F didn't seem to think so and ignored the application after specifically inviting Gear to apply for it! How does that work? It doesn't. That 25th twirling sign diorama has been sitting around in the image bin for months now waiting on the app to go through. When nothing ever happened, I just went and posted it. It's disappointing because if Gear became an affiliate and somebody actually got an item through the link it would be nice to be able to give it to the hosting fee for the site.

*It's actually the best candidate because it has the most Sonic merchandise of any site online & people only come there if they want to see Sonic stuff so............

Next Week: The board game, and hopefully some new stuff from Vandor