Monday, October 10, 2016

New Sonic Book Announced

Good news this week!
A new Sonic book has been announced for the 25th Anniversary. There are no photos yet, but it's said to have "unseen" art inside as well as info/character art and possibly interviews. It's supposed to have both new and old (classic and modern) era art and info. The first hardcover collectible Sonic book was really good, so it's likely that this one will be nice too. Rumored to have 2 versions probably a 'normal' and then a 'collectors' with something extra going on. It'll appear on Gear when photos show up!

Modern Sonic continues:
With the GE 20 inch Super Sonic (likely out at year's end) and a new STK tee with modern characters it's looking like Modern is back for keeps.

Mascot Somewhat-news
Remember the 'ice bucket challenge' to raise money to fight illness?
Another organization is attempting something a bit similar, this time for cancer research. It's "Do the Twist" to get rid of childhood cancer. Its' gimmick is that mascot characters post videos of them doing the dance for 36 seconds and then donate to the charity cause. Afterword, they call out the names of 2 other mascots who should go next. It's a good effort, but because only mascots can participate, and they're rare-er than regular people not a lot of people have heard of the challenge.

Why bring it up?
Chuck E Cheese has an Instagram (you can't see all of its images/messages on a PC, it's a mobile thing mostly, but

And Chuck E. calls out Sonic, Chester Cheetah & Tony Tiger mascots to do the dance next. However, it looks like it didn't get noticed by the other companies/yet.

Info brought to blog by: Crystal SonicFan

Normal News: The Sonic Clothing USA section got big enough this week to require a 'link hub' for convenience. This is quite a milestone.

Anti-Item of the Week
That poor Sonic dress could hardly be tackier. What is the fabric? What are the big, random words? It didn't even fit in, in the 90s when it was produced.

Actual Item of the Week
Super Sonic 20 inch GE Entertainment plush. Big dolls? Big fun! Everyone seems to love a large size plush, and GE is delivering once again with a very solid looking Super Sonic. This also is VERY likely to mean that the original SS was a success for them, which is also really good news.

Next Week:
The book, if it appears. Likely some kind of accessories, more Japan items.