Monday, March 30, 2015

F4F NiGHTS Statue & Contributors to the Rescue

This week's update was saved from being nothing but videos (again) by contributors.
Hopefully, this is a sign of traffic returning to SonicGear again. Of course, there is a Google Search update about April 21, that is said to "punish all sites not mobile friendly" , which of course, Gear is not. So, what will happen with that?*

First 4 Figures does a NiGHTS statue:
While NiGHTS has Sonic cameos, and Sonic has NiGHTS ones, this character & universe still isn't Sonic, so it can't go on Gear. However, LOTS of people that enjoy 1, also enjoy the other, so it should be broadcast here about the statue. It is, of course, fantastic. It's the "modern version", which, because that team knew what was up with re-designing things right, has the addition of minor details (a pattern on thighs, etc) and not a complete or unnecessary change to the character. So classic & modern NiGHTS fans can collect this.

They selected the "play invisible flute in front of moon" that was pretty much the iconic shot from the game and used on tons of stuff. It makes sense, looks good, and is instantly recognizable.

The moon lights up. (Because of course it's F4F, they require each thing to have a lighting up and non lighting version) This is a great thing to pick to light, it makes sense, and really enhances the statue, making it have the feel of the screen shot because the moon is a genuine light source there. The eyes are also correct (slitty pupil) and done with a shiny glaze which is a good look. The starry base is fun as well.

Check it out at:,com_myphp/Itemid,3/product,137

Because they always have a great selection of photos.

Big question:
Will they add Reala? The villain everyone loves the design of! Hopefully they do add him to their all stars line up.

Item of the week:
Ball lamp. Kitschy, old-school fun. 90s items are still appearing!

Item of the week 2:
Del Taco game???
Whoa a food promo makes item of the week? YES. Because it's actually really cool. Not some frizbee with a Sonic sticker on there, you actually get a well-thought-out collectible game. With improvements for depth, it could actually/should actually be a paid collectible. Maybe add a big shaker box so no one can cheat at the 'dice'. The only "Too Bad" here is that Del Tacos aren't all over the place like something like McD.

*No SonicGear won't be going mobile friendly.
The site is far too big and far too complex to shoe-horn it into some responsive design creator or shovel the whole thing over onto a new platform.
*Does that mean you can't see it on your phone?
No. You can view it just fine on any phone or tablet, it it just means that the size doesn't auto adjust and you have to zoom it with your fingers.

Ever some software is created that replaces GoLive (a defunct adobe product) that is ALSO mobile friendly AND lets the importing of old sites (and doesn't break it) then Gear will be updated/upgraded. However, this seems fairly unlikely in 2015, hence the notice.

Why are they punishing?
Because a ton of search traffic these days of 2015 is from mobile phones. However, no one is paying attention to what phones ARENT searching for. Videos yes / 2 gallon water dispenser no. Local mechanic yes / bananas no. Local weather yes / research paper...probably more no.

But they're going to punish the banana seller who doesn't sell online, but DOES have banana info & recipes online to attract you to brick and mortar bananas. (It is pointless to order fresh fruit online, not only is it heavy and expensive to ship, it also goes bad) They want to make the banana seller mobile friendly even if it never gets mobile search traffic and they will punish it if it does not.

Hopefully Gear is fine.
Hopefully it can still appear in search results, after all, some of the obscure stuff Gear is the ONLY (literally only--which is tough these days) place on the web where a certain thing can have a photo or information. Google didn't get to the top by being dumb, so hopefully they're smart enough to treat unique content, research, or archival sites like Gear correctly through the update.

Next week:
Probably more video. Maybe old mail.